Engineering Construction


Taking root in translation of international engineering projects, we have dealt nearly 100 cases, covering bidding documents and technical data. We’re fluent in many languages, and we work for all the member countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. With abundant experience in the translation and preparation of bidding documents, we are standing by to provide efficient and professional services. With our support, our clients have won the bidding of more than 50 international engineering projects. Our goal is to improve the image of our clients presented to foreign owners, so that they can benefit from our cooperation.


We specialize in the translation of business documents, feasibility study reports, bidding documents, CAD drawings, equipment operation manuals, etc. The cases we have dealt cover buildings, railways, roads, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering, airports, highways, tunnels, bridges, and wharfs. We also provide services of project consulting and on-site interpreting.


During the translation of engineering construction documents, great attention should be paid to the accuracy of industry glossary. For example, building structure includes slab column system, arch structure, and shear wall structure; bridge can be divided into several categories as suspension bridge, cable stayed bridge, arch bridge, pontoon bridge, and viaduct. Translators are supposed to be acquainted with these industry-specific terminologies, so as to deliver professional translations of the highest quality.


Supported by professional translators and interpreters’ proficient in engineering projects, we are able to provide satisfying services of document translation as well as on-site interpreting.
First of all, Yibo Translation will assign professional translators with rich experience to our clients, and abide by the procedures of translating, reviewing, and proofreading, so as to complete our work with both quality and quantity guaranteed.
After delivery, Yibo Translation will continue to provide additional services such as modification, improvement, and typesetting. All in all, we will redouble our efforts to offer professional services in every aspect.