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Yibo Translation is a professional and widely recognized language service provider in China.
An innovator in Anhui An industry pioneer Human translation +AI technology
We aim at building a language bridge for the Belt and Road Initiative and helping Chinese enterprises “go global”.
More than 70 global partners including embassies, government authorities, and judicial departments
Multi-field translation, interpreting, and subtitling & dubbing services as well as multilingual website construction & maintenance


Our Strength


We have a professional translator team with strong academic background. About 65% of our members have a master degree in translation or interpreting, granted by domestic or overseas universities.
We have experienced proofreaders with adequate industry knowledge.
We have solid technical support from 17 top universities worldwide, all famous for linguistics.


All fields covered
Nearly 1,500 times of interpreting service
170,000,000 words processed


ISO9001: 2015 (Quality Management System Certificate)
ISO27001 (Information Security Management)
GB/T19682-2005 (National Standard of the People’s Republic of China)
Nearly 1,000 clients at home and abroad (including embassies and consulates of more than 70 countries, government organs, and national judicial departments)

Customized Services

Unlike traditional translation companies, we can provide you with customized, professional, quality, and cost-effective solutions.

Document translation

Professional, effective, targeted, and confidential services
provided by our full-time translators.

Certificate translation

We can assist you in notarizing most certificates
concerning foreign affairs.

Literary translation

Partner of authoritative global-oriented publications
Partner of national presses


Choose us, and you can get your document translated into authentic target language while sitting at home.

Consecutive & simultaneous interpreting

Support from global universities leading in the translation field
Full-time interpreters having serviced thousands of conferences

Escort interpreting

To bridge the gap between the users of different languages and satisfy your actual needs.

Human proofreading

Strict quality control by acknowledged translation experts

Dubbing translation

Partner of China Central Television (CCTV)
Partner of China Television Artists Association






Global professional translators



Our Advantages

Professional, certified, efficient, trust-worthy

Contributing to international engineering projects and benefiting from the Belt and Road Initiative (for translation and project consulting)


24-hour interpreting service worldwide


Extensive experience in translating nearly 100 movies and TV series


More than 70 global partners including government agencies and embassies and consulates

Why Us

Committed to being a competitive language solution provider, we will create a conscientious and professional service experience for each client every time.


Powered by an efficient team and augmented by our self-developed CAT software, we are able to deliver quality translation at fast speed. Presently, we can process about 300,000 words a day.


We implement streamlined processes certified by ISO, and our polishing team is led by translators with more than 15 years of experience.


We have processed 170,000,000 words covering all common areas.


With a self-developed data management system, we are proud to achieve the Information Security Management System Certification (ISO270001).


Taking clients’ needs into full consideration, we commit to providing high-quality translation services at a competitive price.


We provide professional consulting services as well as language solutions.

Our Credits

With our resources of language/technical experts, competence in handling project, massive language assets and effective tools, we have been widely recognized by our clients.


We are making progress every day, and progress is inseparable from your attention

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